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Wrs Italia, a commercial brand of the Steel Group, focuses its attention on designing and manufacturing industrial shredders.

It is all about a R&D department, where a mix of thirty years experience in the field and highly qualified young professionalisms, live together.

Steel Group is a  group of Companies located in the North-East of Italy, operating since the early 80s in steel machining and heat treatments.

Its know-how enables  to offer the highest finish and precision machining.

The WRS project is the last stage of a production chain, where the experience of the entire group gets handed over on the shredder.

Each model is designed to meet specific needs; the different configurations of the cutting chamber make them adaptable to the material to be treated.

Steel alloys, machining and internal heat treatments, along with the certified laboratory, also internal, which allows to perform detailed chemical/ physical analysis, close in the circle that goes from the raw material choice to the final product manufacture.

The targets are all the field of treatment and waste recycling, and all the other special applications such as cruise ships and special or dangerous waste, where steel machining skills and shredder design, merge.


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